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Engineering Technology Services (E.T.S.) would like to welcome you to Calzoni LSHT Hydraulic Motors USA. E.T.S. offers complete Calzoni Motors and spare parts.  E.T.S. is the only factory trained service center in North America. E.T.S. has State-of-the-Art stripping and assmebly jigs, as well as test stands to dynamically test all size motors.

E.T.S stocks fixed, dual, and variable displacement motors, sizes from 2in3 (33cm3) to 1,411in3 (23,000cm3) and from 13HP (10KW) - 495HP (371KW). Up to 3625 psi (250 bars) continuous working pressure and  up to 6090 psi (420 bars) peak.

If you are interested in repairs, please go to our links page and click Calzoni Repairs.